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Saturday Qigong Online

What you will learn

This class is a combination of movements and meditations from Taoist qigong, health qigong, qigong for women, and energy medicine. The classes take place on a fortnightly basis on Saturday at 9:30am for one hour. You will learn:

  • Easy to learn energy practices that can increase your energy or calm your activation;

  • Each class has a theme that can allow you to reflect and become aware of different aspects of your body, mind or spirit;

  • Gentle exercises that can increase your body awareness and help you regulate your nervous system;

  • Easy-to-learn breathing practices that can help you calm down and can enhance your immunity and reduce your anxiety;

  • Introduction to the five elements theories, and how they apply to the qigong practice and to your life.


How you will learn

Alda has taught online for nearly two years now, and received a lot of feedback from her students.


  • Online teaching method: Following feedback, Alda has created a way of teaching that seems to work for her students, that includes:

1) Images shown to the camera

2) Turning the body in different directions

3) Detailed explanations of the movements, so that you don't miss a thing.

  • Classes of 1hour, included a guided meditation at the end.

  • The Zoom meeting will be open 10 minutes before starting time so that you can chat with your classmates and create a community of qigong online practitioners. 

  • Opportunity to pay for the recording to repeat the class as many times as you wish.

"I have noticed less irritability since practising Qi Gong, and more self-acceptance. I have also noticed more flexibility in my spine. I think this year has been more manageable for me thanks to Alda's Qi Gong classes!"

Eleanor, Writer

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"I am very much enjoying your qigong course and would recommend it to everyone as I always feel so much calmer after the session – at peace with myself."

Heather, French Teacher


Your Instructor

Alda discovered tai chi and qigong in 1997 on a trip to China and since then, she embarked on a journey to find an instructor in the West. In 2010, she became accredited by Grandmaster Liming Yue as a tai chi and qigong instructor and obtained a Masters degree in Psychotherapy two years later.

Alda has been actively promoting qigong in Ireland and the UK helping organise international and local events, teaching classes & regular workshops for over 10 years. 

As a counsellor and psychotherapist, Alda is particularly interested in the benefits of qigong for mental fitness, constantly training with different masters. Her interest in energy (qi) and how energy practices (qigong) can transform your life, brought her to also attend webinars in energy medicine with Prune Harris and Donna Eden.

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Payment Options

1) Standard Class (£6.50)

2) Standard Class + Recording (£8)

3) Only Recording (£3)

To be paid before each class via Paypal or bank transfer.

The recording will be sent on the Monday following the class or Tuesday morning at the latest.

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