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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy 2021

I, Mª Alda Gomez Otero of Dragonhead Qigong, collect, store and process personal information about you to enable me to run my tai chi and qigong classes successfully. This information can include contact information, as well as information about your health (mental and physical) and other special category data. I need this information to inform you of any cancellations in the running of my classes. I can collect this information upon the legal basis of "Legitimate Interests", as per GDPR regulations.

In the form where I collect this information, you can tick a box to receive my monthly newsletter "The Lighthouse". If you have ticked this box, you will receive an email from me every month with the newsletter, and maybe additional emails regarding the general running of my classes (not more than 3 a year). You can unsubscribe from this mailing list at any time.

Your information is stored in my files and will not be shared with any third party. Occasionally, I may use your data to compile statistics about common illnesses experienced by my students, but the results will only be shared anonymously. Every three years, I will delete any contact information regarding students who do not come to class anymore or are not part of my mailing list.

With regards to how this information is used, you have the right to have information about you deleted, have inaccuracies corrected, the right to access information about you - free of charge - within 1 month, the right not to receive any unsolicited marketing, the right to determine how information about you is processed and the right to complain if you are unhappy about any of the above by contacting the Information Commissioners Office here:, although I trust that you will try to discuss this with me in the first instance.

Should anything happen to me that prevents me from attending my classes and from communicating with you directly - such as illness or death - then my husband, Nick Taylor, also a tai chi instructor, would be able to access your contact details to inform you should this situation arise.

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