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  • Maria Alda Gomez Otero

Enhance Your Health with the Six Healing Sounds Qigong

The six healing sounds is an interesting set of gentle movements and sounds, practised mainly sitting down, even though you can also practise them standing. They consist of five healing sounds corresponding to five internal organs and one healing sound related to the general temperature in your body, associated with the triple warmer. The triple warmer is not an organ itself, but three different areas in your body that house internal organs.

Emotional Balance

Each organ is connected to a series of yin and yang emotions. Any emotion in excess can impair our balance, so if we can balance our internal organs, we can balance our yin and yang emotions. For example, too much joy can cause as many complications as too much anger, so we can expel the excess of “heat” from the organs associated with these emotions. Physically, the healing sounds practice focuses on the internal organs, aiming at expelling excess “heat” from the organs and helping to detox them, keeping them in optimal condition. It is a great way of detoxing and preparing ourselves for the Summer months while keeping a balanced diet.

Different Sounds and Body Positions

The Lung Healing Sound (Sssssssss)

The Kidney Healing Sound (Choooooo)

The Liver Healing Sound (Shhhhhh)

The Heart Healing Sound (Hawwww)

The Spleen Healing Sound (Whoooooo)

The Triple Warmer Healing Sound (Heeeeeee)

Each healing sound has a body position and gentle movement that accompanies the sound. The movements are very easy to learn and follow. They are done sitting down.


Each healing sound is done in repetitions of 3 or multiples of 3, such as 6, 9 or 18. For the healing sounds to be fully detoxing your body, you need to do at least 9 repetitions. For a gentle calming effect and maintenance practice, 3 repetitions of each sound are enough.

More Info

If you wish to have a more thorough explanation of the six healing sounds, including sounds, emotions, body movements, etc., please have a look at the following youtube link. The video was filmed during one of Master Mantak Chia’s seminars.

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