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Absolutely FREE Qigong ONLINE

As we start to open our lives to a different routine, meet family members, dare to get out of the house, maybe even think that lockdown may be over soon, we cannot forget what we learnt about joining online qigong classes. It was not that bad after all. It was not as hard as we thought it would be. Would you not agree? You might have also discovered that practising with a video is not such a bad idea after all. This is why I would like to invite you to discover an amazing resource for FREE qigong ONLINE.


The Chinese Health Qigong Association has been promoting qigong over many years in China. Qigong masters were hired to research and standardised some of the millions of qigong movements to compile routines that could be practised all over the world. Here are the names of some of the routines:

Eight Treasures – Ba Duan Jin

This is a basic routine which will stretch your whole body and will leave you calm and energised. It can be a good starting point if you have never done qigong before.

Five Animals – Wu Qin Xi

This is one of my favourite routines. The five animal qigong movements are constantly stimulating different meridian points, bringing balance to our 12 meridian system. It is also the only qigong set that also incorporates our emotional life. As we focus on the animals moods (playful, fierce, strong...) we work on ourselves to stimulate these moods in our bodies. For example, if you need more playfulness in your lives, monkey is your answer. If you need more strength, bear can help.

Ma Wang Dui

Another of my favourite qigong sets. The movements are absolutely stunning, and some of them have fancy names that would impress your friends (dragon flying, crane dancing...). What I also love about this qigong set is that each movement works mainly with one of the 12 meridians in the acupuncture meridian system, hence offering balance for the whole system.

Yi Jin Jing

An incredible set of movements that will move your spine in ways you wouldn't believe possible. These are beautiful exercises that will help you strengthen bones and tendons.

Liu Zi Jue

Ah, so many qigong sets, so little time. I love this qigong set as it combines simple movements with healing sounds. This is especially good if you have a chronic condition that doesn't allow you to move much. You could benefit from the movements while increasing your stamina and general health.

Da Wu

I don't know much about this form, but I have seen the movements and it is in my to-do list. Such beauty! Please feel free to explore and report back to me.

There are many others, but all of the above are online and free to watch, including instructions for each movement. You will recognise the first three ones, as I have been teaching them for over 10 years. I am also very skilled at Yi Jin Jing, and you can probably recognise some of the movements. Liu Zi Jue and Da Wu are my next favourites on my to-do list.

If you are tired to not being able to finish one set of exercises, frustrated that you can’t remember the movements that we do in class, it would be great if you could visit the website and have a look at the free qigong instruction on the website.

What you need to do

1) Go to

2) Find Chinese Health Qigong and click on their logo

3) Pick and practise any of the forms.

Yes, it is that simple. Enjoy and see you in class!

© Dragonhead Alda - Online Qigong Classes

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