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February 5th, 2022

Qigong to Calm Down 
09:30 am

In this class, calming down will be the primary goal. In TCM, if you manage to rest and properly hibernate during your Winter months, your Spring and Summer seasons would be better. This class will help you achieve higher levels of relaxation.

February 19th, 2022

Qigong for inner focus
09:30 am

Aiming at having more inner focus is one of the best things you can invest your time in. With inner focus, you can manage your emotions better, create more self-love and compassion and learn to forgive yourself and others.

March 5th, 2022

Qigong for body image
09:30 am

Loving your body is one of the feelings that will warm your heart and generate healing all around. In this class, we will bring the focus to loving your body and accept the challenges that it presents.

“Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the water is clear?” Lao Tzu
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