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I have noticed less irritability since practising Qi Gong, and more self-acceptance. I have also noticed more flexibility in my spine. I think this year has been more manageable for me thanks to Alda's Qi Gong classes!

Eleanor, Devon, UK

I am very much enjoying your qigong course and would recommend it to everyone as I always feel so much calmer after the session – at peace with myself.

Heather, Devon, UK

I also very importantly wanted to say another BIG ‘Thank You’ for teaching me Qigong. Although I am not instructing now, I practise pretty much every day and it has brought a huge amount to my life. You’re a brilliant Teacher - so thank you.

Karen, Cornwall, UK

 I am very much enjoying the course and finding the exercises very supportive in my well being and interests all round. I love the way you teach and how you break the moves down likening them to everyday things.

Caroline, Devon, UK

I think that you are a very inspirational teacher and I have found the classes both enjoyable and helpful.

Claire, Devon, UK

Thank you so much for all the wonderful classes. I really enjoyed them. You are a great and lovely teacher.

Eilis, Dublin, Ireland

I can't tell you how glad I have been to join in your online Qigong sessions over lockdown. They have been something to look forward to; a wonderful thing to do that stays with me after the class has finished.

Anne, Devon, UK

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