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Meet Alda

Why Qigong?

My full name is Maria Alda Gomez Otero, but everyone calls me Alda. I was born in Northern Spain and spent most of my adult life living in different countries. Often overwhelmed by my intense emotions and constant contradictory thoughts, I was longing for a practice that would help me find peace. I found it in tai chi and qigong, ancient Chinese arts for health preservation and, in the advance stages, deep spiritual work. With tai chi and qigong, you can find a practice that will teach you how to manage your emotional turmoil and find higher levels of inner peace.

My wish for you

Due to COVID-19, I see many of you struggling with anxiety and fears associated with illness and death of self or loved ones. I wish to share practices that can help you to relax and overcome your fears. I wish that you will become more centred, and able to make the right decisions at this challenging time. Dragonhead Qigong was born as a result of such wish. In this website, you will find information about the classes and, in the future, free guided meditations to help you calm down and videos that will help you remember the movements and practice at home.


What I offer

My classes reflect the creativity of my character and incorporate body-mind-energy exercises. I learnt and qualified with expert masters from the Chinese Health Qigong Association, Anamarta Antunes and Kris Deva North, but I also have a vivid interest on the TCM five elements theories. My classes align with the seasons and stimulate the meridians and organs most sensitive during the different times of the year. I am also inspired and share knowledge learnt with Prune Harris and Donna Eden, experts in energy medicine. Being a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist, as well as EFT and AIT practitioner, specialised in anxiety and trauma, in my classes you can calm down your mental clatter with mindfulness and energy tools

Alda's Qualifications

Tai Chi & Qigong Instructor - Tai Chi Centre (Level 3) - Master Liming Yue

BHQG Instructor - Qualified by the British Health Qigong Association

2nd Duan Wein with the Chinese Health Qigong Association


MA Psych (Psychotherapy) 

Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner (Level 2)

Trauma Certification Training (Level 2) - Janina Fisher

What to know more about me?


I am from Spain, but I also lived some years in France and the Republic of Ireland. I've been living in England for 7 years.


I was teaching tai chi and qigong face-to-face for over 10 years first in Dublin and then in Devon. I stopped teaching face-to-face in January 2020.


In Dublin, I helped Master Liming Yue to organise national qigong events, including visits from Masters from the Chinese Health Qigong Association.


I live in Teignmouth, Devon, with my husband Nick Taylor, who is also a well-known tai chi and qigong instructor. We both enjoy going to the pier to train in the odd evening.


I love cooking healthy meals and walking in nature, but I also have a peculiar and controlled addiction to my mobile phone and some Netflix series. 


My main job is being a psychotherapist, working with people who suffer anxiety and trauma. My practice is generally full, and I have a waiting list system.


I am not doing tai chi and qigong because I obsess about being healthy. I am a pretty normal person. I just love the movements and how I feel when I practise. 

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