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Online Qigong Classes


Alda, your teacher

Welcome to my website. I am your teacher, Alda (pronounced as in Aldi, the  shop, but with an "a" at the end). I take pleasure from two main things in life: helping others and using my imagination. Learning with me, you will have a creative and helpful teacher beside. My passions have translated into two careers and many hobbies. I am a psychotherapist and a qigong instructor; a mosaic artist, a poet, a meditator, a globe-trotter, a dancer, a day-dreamer and an optimistic idealist

My classes are inspired by my knowledge of Eastern practices and Western teachings: tai chi, qigong and traditional Chinese medicine, as well as the functioning of the nervous system and the stress response, anxiety, depression, healing trauma and how to create better mental health. They are enriched by my vast imagination which creates images and ridiculous comments for you to remember the moves easily and having fun. You have a wide range of knowledge and skills at your disposal when you train with me.

What is Qigong


Qigong consists of gentle exercises and meditations designed to enhance your general well-being. Following easy-to-learn, standing movements, you will become more aware of your body sensations and your mind clutter. Regular practice of qigong helps you to detox your body and declutter your mind. It is the art of becoming more connected to everything that surrounds you and your internal world. It increases your connection between your body and your mind, improves your relationships, and creates links between your spiritual and your physical self. It generates vitality, stability, inner peace. Check the video for a flavour of qigong.

Alda Gomez Teaching a Qigong Movement.

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I can't tell you how glad I have been to join in your online Qigong sessions over lockdown. They have been something to look forward to; a wonderful thing to do that stays with me after the class has finished.

Anne, Devon, UK

Thank you so much for all the wonderful classes. I really enjoyed them. You are a great and lovely teacher.

Eilis, Dublin, Ireland

“May all beings have happy minds.”

Buddhist Saying

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